Moon Of the Crusted Snow – is a cool book

Moon of the crusted snow – good book and do recommend it. the story moon of the crusted snow is about how a community in the norther boreal regions of america, survives a sudden power outage. I like the book and this is what I think of some parts of it. this is mainly about the Specific attention grabbing parts of the book. and just in case you want to read the book – spoilers.

One of the most interesting parts is when Evan is with Aileen and she tells him that there is no such word as “Apocalypse” in Ojibwe, or any of the First Nations people languages. just as there isn’t a goodbye, but a “see you later” instead. this certain part of the story had me thinking. this is a panic for the modern day people, but back then it would just be called “bad weather”. the people of the world have become heavily reliant on the unstable technology surrounding them. and when they need it most it failed on them.

I like this idea of “the end of our world happened already”, it reminds me of something I heard somewhere. I was told “its sad that this is our history, but it isn’t even history yet”. i like this connection of how our culture is in a means of evolution, but so many others are at a stasis.

I imagine this being something like how their winter was – Link to this picture

another part of the story that out stands to me is the dreams that Evan has. His first dream is about him running to safety but to find dead bodys stacked by rows. his dream is like a prophecy, later many people in the community start dying one by one. eventually an old garage is full of the dead. Evans other dream was about him running into said garage, and hiding. Evan is reveled to be running from a demonized version of Scott (a newcomer to their town). Scott is perceived as a monster, his dream was lacking one thing though. Evans dream version of the garage had no bodies. later near the climax of the story Scott and his group are assumed cannibals, making Scott a true monster.

I loved the story, but something was missing, the truth. when I say the truth I mean that I want to know what was going on with the hydro and the satellite and the phones. I need to know!! I would like an answer, I get that sometimes you leave a mystery on purpose but, this time wasn’t like the other times.

so, I like the story. I usually like most books I read but this was nice and different compared to the other books I read. see the reason i like this story is because it had that feeling, isolation, sadness, an end of the world feeling. but it had that sort of symbolism metaphor representation part of he story. 10/10 might read again.